Monday, August 9, 2010

make:Tulsa Mixer (08.07.2010)

 I would have to say this past Friday's make:Tulsa Mixer was a huge success!  It was a chance for people interested in crafts, business and/or socializing to come together and see if make:Tulsa is right for them.  We mixed and mingled for a few until all the guests arrived, and then brought our heads together to find out exactly what everyone is expecting out of this group.  It was really cool!

What is make:Tulsa?  Founded by the organizers of Indie Emporium, "make:Tulsa is a group of crafters, artists, and designers in the Tulsa area. We host art and craft classes, workshops and other social crafting events for makers of all kinds. make:Tulsa was born to create an outlet for hobby crafters and those who wish to create together, but do not necessarily have a business for their work.  make:Tulsa supports DIY ethics and hopes to encourage creativity in our lovely community of makers." - make:Tulsa website.

This is going to be one awesome group!  To start, there are some amazing people ready to make this happen, such as Christine Sharp Crowe, organizer of Indie Emporium, art connoisseur, and owner of weather&noise, Briana Hefley Shepard, organizer of Alliday and owner of SheezKrafty, Nikki of Gleeful Peacock and Holly Embry of HollyRocks.  Not to mention new people that I hadn't met prior to the Mixer, who are just looking for some crafty folks to hang with!  How cool!  

The future of make:Tulsa will bring workshops designed to better your business, which will be hosted by our own make:Tulsa members.  There will also be many a crafting get-togethers, volunteer groups and of course more Mixers!  I'm really stoked about this and hope you are too.  If this seems like something you'd like to be apart of, click here to get more details!  Membership is just $10/yr.  And you're more than welcome to come try us out before you buy!

Oh, I forgot to mention we have sweet treats!!


Thom said...

It was great to have you here; I'm so excited about what make:Tulsa is going to be.

christine said...

What fun we had! I'm so glad to have you as part of the group. :)

Holly Embry said...

I didn't even notice that you were snapping pictures. It really was an awesome time! I was sort of buzzing from all the excitement when I got home. I recapped the details of how promising this group is to Mitch like a sugared-up kindergartner. It was great to see you, Renee! Oh, and thanks for linking to my shop too!

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