Saturday, September 4, 2010

Catching Up

Good morning!  How is everyone doing on this beautiful Saturday?  The weather is chill, currently a crisp 64 degrees.  It feels amazing outside.  The First Day of Fall is quickly approaching and this makes me very excited!  I love fall.  I get the warm fuzzies for this time of year because that familiar, comfortable feeling comes with fall.  It means holidays, scarves, sweaters, tea, chai lattes, clove cigars, open windows, craft shows and I'll got ahead and throw this one in on behalf of Josh and my closest friend.. Football!  Sunday will be football fun-day very soon. 

My lack of posting usually means I have a very full plate of work.  This is very true as of late.  I wish I could muster up the creative energy to get some blog posts going, but it seems the blog is the first thing to go!  Just know that no word is good word.  I finished up a large invitation/reply card/hotel card w/full envelope address printing last weekend.  This weekend I am finishing up a thank you card set w/return address printing for the same client.  It is so much fun. It's hard to even describe the feeling I get from imagining all the wonderful hands my invitations will encounter, the accomplishment, like I'm really achieving this goal I've always wanted and strived to achieve.  Sometimes I'll drive around and look at the large houses in my area and dream about the day I will live in one.  Now I'm not talking excessively large, but I just adore the kitchy old homes in our area full of character, age and wonder.  It overwhelms me to the point that my eyes tear up and I get really scared that this is all happening and I'm doing it and what happens next?  This is where the controlling side of me has to calm down and just go with the flow.  Make sure I put in my time, work on what needs to be done and let the rest just happen.

This morning I woke up on my own accord at 7:00am and made myself stay up.  Well, Josh does get some credit as he recently started a new job which requires some early mornings.  I could have easily rolled over and went back to sleep after he left, like I usually do, but I didn't.  I stayed awake.  I was determined.  I have seriously accomplished so much this morning, you can tell by the fact that I'm actually posting a blog!  By the time Josh gets off at 5:00pm I will have all the laundry washed and hung, have done the dishes, ordered my new promotional items from Vista Print, my thank you card order will be assembled and ready for cutting/scoring, the reply address printed on the envelopes will be complete and I'll also have a decent portion of the door tickets for Indie Emporium designed.  I'll probably even go get some lunch and make a quick stop to a hobby store for supplies.  The feeling in my heart right is overflowing with warmth and success, let me tell you.

Where do I get this drive to succeed?  I haven't 100% pinned this down, but my dad does have his own business and that has definitely been an influence.  I'll also share a secret with you, I am  really lazy!  I shouldn't brag about that, but it is definitely a motivator.  My motto is, "Do it now, because I won't want to later."  I try to live by that as much as possible and it's really seemed to work for me.  For all you crafters, small business owners and entrepreneurs out there I say find what works for you and make it happen.  Not everyone works the same as the next, it's about what works for you.  If you want something in life you have to try, you have to test, you have to fail.  Having a business will always been a learning experience.  Life itself will always be a learning experience!  As the owner you are the face and the voice of the company, you are the decision maker and you are the problem solver.  You get to hire your first employee and release some control and allow people to learn the skills you have developed.  I'm excited and feel so lucky to have this gift and I am excited to embrace this gift and see where it takes me.  It can only go up from here.

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sounds like things are really going your way - that is excellent!!

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