Monday, September 6, 2010

Photoshoot with Sam Lamb and weather&noise

I recently did a photo shoot with the ever lovely Sam Lamb.  If you haven't checked out her photography, you definitely need to take peek because it is so welcoming, comforting and beautiful.  Her muse is the house she resides in that is secluded in the country.  I can only imagine how peaceful this would be!  

This shoot was focused on cozy scarves crafted by weather&noise.  Christine is the creative wonder behind weather&noise, but you can also find her planning Indie Emporium and creating stunning art at Christine Sharp-Crowe.  

The girls and I had a great time chatting and taking pictures.  Remember when I said in my last post that scarves were a personal fall favorite?  You can imagine my excitement when I was offered the opportunity to do a fall scarf shoot!

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