Wednesday, September 8, 2010

John Mayer Live (09.03.2010)

This past Friday Josh and my friend Leah and I all went to see John Mayer live at the BOK Center here in Tulsa.  It was a great show!  I didn't listen to him much before seeing him live, but can truly say that I was impressed.  

 The show was very chill and was full of Mayer's lovely voice and amazing guitar skills.  They had this giant screen set up behind him so everyone could see him and his guitar close up :-) 

His fellow band members were also amazing musicians and Mayer included them and praised them throughout the show.  The arena was full to the brim with people!  

Overall the show was exactly what I expected and I was very satisfied after leaving.  I haven't stopped playing his albums yet and I would see him again for sure!  My favorite song at the moment is "Home Life".  

Thanks for coming to Tulsa, John!


Anonymous said...

he definitely is an awesome guitar player - glad you had a good time!

Holly said...

I don't really listen to him either, but this does look like a great show! I'm glad you had fun! What's next up on your concert agenda? Mitch and I are going to see Muse in October. Woot!

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