Monday, September 20, 2010

Antiques, Craft Shows and Invitations!

This weekend was so much fun.  We kept it low key on Friday because Josh had to work early in the morning on Saturday.  When Saturday came, my friend Julia and I went antique shopping in Jenks, Oklahoma.  As I’m writing this I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of the delicious breakfast I prepared for us before the trek!  We had bagels, eggs, bacon, tea (Cream Earl Grey from Dragonmoon Tea Room, delightful) and water (I used glasses from my grandmother’s antique glassware to make it extra special).  We prepared for the day while eating this delicious meal on my porch!  Then it was off to Jenks!
I would say this is the first time I actively shopped for antiques at an actual antique store.  The street was so cute and quaint.  I loved the smell of each store we walked into.  It was always different but had that same old smell to it.  I instantly felt comfortable and like I was at my grandparent’s house each time walked in a store.  The people were friendly, too!  Check out this mug, it's pretty sweet!  Handy for those with nice mustaches, there's a bar going across the top of the mug to prevent your 'stash from getting wet!

I loved this box of old thread and sewing patterns.

This was the third level to one of the shops we went in.  I love multi-leveled structures and I really loved this room!  They were in the process of updating the room and I could easily see a certain invitation studio located here.. One day!

After that Julia took me home as she was going to the Greek Festival with her family.  I haven’t been yet but I really need to go as I’ve heard the food is wonderful!  Maybe next year?  Then it was off with Amby and Roman to see Holly at the craft show she set up at in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Remember those cute owl invitations I made a few months ago?
Well, Roman is the little gem I created them for!  Roman is a big two months today.  So little and cute!  Be sure to check out his mom’s shop, TheKnitOwl on Etsy and support a local mom!  I mean, how could you make this little guy sad by not visiting his mom’s shop?
(Sorry Amby, I just can't resist this face!) 

The show Holly set up at was in Broken Arrow’s Community Center.  Look at how cute she was being Miss Saleswoman!  If you missed Holly at this show be sure to check out her Etsy shop, Hollyrocks!

After the craft show, Amby, Roman and I stopped at a British store where I got some tea!  It is a  delicious English Breakfast tea.  It was pretty toasty outside, so we packed up Mr. Roman and called it a day.  That evening resulted in good friends and my porch, a great combination!  Overall, I’d say my Saturday was pretty awesome.  Sunday I slept in, ate a yummy lunch at Bill and Ruth's and finished up a baby shower invitation order for Holly’s brother.  They chose the pink paisley set (sample pictured below).  I love these invites!
How was your weekend?  Regardless of if it was busy or slow.. I hope it was wonderful and treated you well!  Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of your week!


Erin said...

Aww Holly! She's so cute. I love Jenks' Main Street. Did you go into River City Trading Post?? It's my favorite!

Amby said...

We had fun with you too! Maybe I should start using Roman to market my store?!

SheezKrafty said...

GASP!? Your first antique store?! ;) Looks like it was a grand weekend! I did hit up the Greek Festival and will post soon about it! (I love it!)

Holly said...

Goodness girl, you had a full day! I am so glad you finally made it out to the antique shops in Jenks. They're great, aren't they? And how neat that you stopped by the British shop here in BA. I walk by it occasionally, but I've never gone in. I'll have to check it out someday.

Thanks again for coming by to see me at the craft show! It definitely lifted my spirits to see your smilin' face. I'm about to leave in a few minutes to come see you, so I'll get another dose of that lovely face. Yay!

christine said...

What a fun weekend! Thom & I spent last weekend doing some antique shopping as well, but didn't make it to Jenks this time.

Renee said...

Erin- We didn't make it to the trading post (ran out of time) but my friend said it's the best so it's definitely on the agenda!!

Amby- You should totally market Roman! OMG he would make any business a hit!

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