Monday, September 27, 2010

Phones, Football and Stress

Hi friends!  This weekend was super fun!  To start, I got a new and fabulous phone!  We're on T-Mobile so it's the Galaxy S Vibrant.  Soooo similar to Iphone except you can customize the apps and icons more and it's lighter in weight.  And it talks with Google, which I am slowly moving everything over to Google so that is quite beneficial.  I feel normal and totally cool now, having this phone.  Oh, and we did try the HTC HD2 and please heed my warning- do not get it!  It is the worst phone and made me so stressed out the first day I had it.  Josh also had problems with his within minutes of leaving the store.  I think something should just work (or else it stresses me out) so when we exchanged for the Vibrant it met all of my expectations immediately.  Oh and it has Avatar (the movie, full length) loaded on it as well as Sims.  I have not played the Sims until it was preloaded on this phone and I will say I am slightly obsessed (might have stayed awake an extra hour last night playing, ouch that hurt this morning!)(and I blame this obsession on Amby!).  I could totally cradle this phone like a baby.
Back up a bit to Thursday where make:Tulsa got together for a Supply Swap!  It was pretty awesome.  Basically, members bring supplies they are no longer using and trade it with supplies other members bring..  One man's trash is another man's treasure, anyone?  It was great to hang with the girls for a couple of hours. 
Saturday and Sunday I slept in, worked on the biz, shopped, cleaned house and of course watched FOOTBALL!!  Go Colts!!  (I am a Colts fan-atic through association.  My friend Leah is like ultra pro football knowledge woman (she more than likely knows more than you!) and that's her favorite team so honestly you might not see me anymore if I don't root for them!  She didn't like that I picked most of the Indiana team for my fantasy league, which in turn means I will totally demolish her in our league..  I say it's good training.)  Pretty enjoyable overall!!  And can I get a heck yes to the weather?  Oh, I could just sleep outside like a kitty cat it feels so delightful!

The past week or so I've been feeling kind of panicky about my biz stuff.  New website in the works, Tulsa Wedding Show prep, working on getting a new product line to take over my Etsy, update books, work on custom designs, blog..  It doesn't ever stop!!  What also doesn't stop is the plethora of ideas that come to me and I feel like I must complete them RIGHT THIS SECOND, but can I?  Umm.. no.  I love my biz and this opportunity to pieces and am so thrilled and happy at what the future holds, but does it ever just kind of scare you guys?  As in, can I really do this?  What happens if it doesn't work out?  Ahhh! I say: Scared, yes.  Do it, yes.  Doesn't work out, won't happen.  But it still makes me nervous, ha.  This too shall pass, I suppose.  Maybe a long night of working will help shake these jitters :)  And maybe my senses are heightened because it almost feels like fun rather than work right now.  I mean, I'm designing a bunch of cute things for lovely people sitting on my couch amongst my fluffy (and one not so fluffy) family.  This can really be "work"?  I guess I am rather fortunate to have found something I enjoy and fits my personality so well! 

I love having this blog, it's hard to "talk it out" when you're alone but this really gets the job done at times.  And thank you for listening to my rambles :)

Ok, off to work I go!  Hi-ho, hi-ho!


Erin Bradley said...

Oh my gosh...this sounds so much like me! I have so many ideas and I can't get them down fast enough. I worry that I will never finish everything I want to do, but in the end, I am sure it will get done (just not done like yesterday which is what I would prefer!). :)

Holly said...

I DEFINITELY know what you mean. I have times when I'm overwhelmed, times when I'm discouraged, times when I'm unmotivated, etc. I think the most important thing is that you're enjoying yourself. I'm so proud of you for all the wonderful things you're doing right now!

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