Monday, May 30, 2011

motivating monday - conquering defeat

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” ― Maya Angelou

How was this last week for you guys? I actually had some downtime and am taking full advantage of it. For the past week and a half I’ve caught up on posting new items in the Etsy shop as well as creating new designs. I’ve had a couple small orders come in that are fulfilled, visited family in Tahlequah (Oklahoma), hung with friends, blogged (I’m having a of fun with the blog!) and also did some yard work (talk about an ongoing project!). This weekend is truly special for me because I took off from my day job tomorrow (I’m off today, in honor of Memorial Day) so I could enjoy a long weekend and finish getting caught up on all my lingering projects, such as taxes! I was a naughty girl and filed an extension this year so I wanted to get everything squared away this weekend and also develop a new process so things will be easier going forward.

I think we all have those difficult tasks and lingering projects that we put off for another day. It’s easier to put it off and add the weight to our shoulders when something seems like it might not go smoothly, rather than deal with it head on and get it over with. When I suck up my fear or put my head down and get through the task at hand, everything seems to come together nicely and it’s never as bad as what I thought it to be. Funny how that works! Our minds can be our biggest enemy sometimes, and that is why this week’s quote spoke to me. If you continue to sit there and think about how bad it will be, it’ll never get done. A trick I use to snap myself out of doom is to tell myself, “Don’t think, just do.” It helps put my mind back on track when I’m being silly.

So, what is challenging you this week? I encourage you to get out there and get it done!! For me, the daunting taxes WILL be finished by tomorrow (yay!).. And I’m also attending a networking event this week, which I’m really excited about but also pretty nervous. Nothing like walking into a room filled with strangers, but I know it will end up being fun and my worries will quickly disperse. I’ll also be stronger because of it! The same goes for you - I’d love to hear about what challenges you are working to overcome!


Stela said...

Saying don't think, just do helps so much.
Have fun at the networking event this week!

Renee said...

Thank you girlie! :)

Holly said...

It's hard to imagine anything being challenging for my awesome, ambitious friend! I'm glad you're showing those taxes who's boss and accomplishing things with your business. The Etsy shop is looking great! My challenges this week have been with my estate sale job. It can be really rough sometimes and as much as I love it, sometimes I don't. Know what I mean?

Renee said...

Girl, getting the taxes done and off the to do list is a great feeling! I understand about the job situation - completely! You can do it! But, if you can't make sure you snag some super cool vintage before you leave ;)

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