Monday, June 6, 2011

motivating monday - the soft-minded

“The soft-minded person always wants to freeze the moment and hold life in the gripping yoke of sameness.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Are you stuck in the rut of sameness? News flash: It will get you no where! It is good to get out there and change things up a bit. Whatever complacent routine you’ve fallen into, I encourage you to do something different.

I too get way comfortable at times; I have my nice little house with my fiance and my kitties and my sweet studio, of course it’s easy to get wrapped up in the house life and just stay there. Especially for someone like myself who is a hermit by nature. However, I find that when I get out and experience my city, I am much more satisfied than when I’ve spent the days/week/month indoors. To get some fresh air, socialize and experience something new gives me so much inspiration and I am then super motivated to get back home and work on those lingering projects I’ve mentioned previously.

Sameness is the breeding ground for negativity and close-mindedness. Once you’ve been stuck in that same rut for so long, it’ll simply be all you know and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you just won’t be able to hear/see it because you’re so engulfed in your own sameness. I challenge you to get out there and do something different, for your own sake and saneness. Even if you don’t feel complacent, I encourage you to switch something up! Often times we don’t notice the rut we’ve fallen into or the circles we run around in. Whether you’re a hermit like me and getting out in your city to experience new food/restaurants or a new group of people (there’s all kind of groups out there to suit your interests) pulls you out of the rut... Or maybe something simple like getting a new hair do, painting your nails or wearing a skirt (or maybe a suit?) is out of the ordinary for you- DO IT! If we never feel awkward or uncomfortable, we’re not doing this whole life thing right. Push the limit for yourself and I guarantee you’ll find a new perspective.

I would love to hear about what out of the ordinary thing you’ve accomplished for yourself! Feel free to leave a comment after this post, or email me at Can’t wait to see/hear about all the great things you guys have done for yourself!

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