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wedding wednesday – series post 2 of 5, your perfect invitations – selecting & wording


Welcome to post two of a five-part series I’ve developed just for you called, “Your Perfect Invitations”.  Every Wednesday in June I will post a new blog full of special tips, tricks, advice and other goodies all based on helping you pick out the perfect paper goods for your wedding.  If you stick around for the end, there might just be a special treat for you, my lovely readers, so be sure to keep coming back each week to see what I have up my sleeve!  Now, let’s get on to the good stuff!

Last week I covered organization and the time allotment needed, so you can fully prepare to pick out Your Perfect Invitations.  This week it’s time to pick out your invitations and select the wording for those gorgeous goods!  By now you’ve hopefully shopped around and decided that GreenerMe was the perfect match for your paper goods. **wink** Seriously though, what goes into the invitation process?  Let me break it down so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into!

First off, realize that not every invitation designer is the same.  There are different qualities and priorities in each and it’s important to know what you want in your invitations while you’re on the search for that perfect invitation.  Here are a few examples of what to look for:
Paper Weight – How thick is the card stock your designer uses?  I make sure all my paper goods are thick and sturdy, because in my opinion, a thicker weight exudes quality.  Since a lot of invitation purchases are  online, most designers are willing to send you a sample of an invitation set for a nominal fee, prior to you placing an order.  I highly suggest you purchase this sample so you’re not caught off guard and/or disappointed when your final order arrives!

Going Green? – Eco friendly is very popular these days.  Most of the paper I use is made of up partial amounts of recycled paper, but if you’re looking for 100% recycled let me know and I can make it happen!  Keep in mind that going 100% recycled generally costs more but also puts a limit on the colors a designers can use, due to the lack of dyes and inks used in manufacturing the paper.

What’s Included – At GreenerMe you can rely on pricing and product information up front.  I don’t agree with sneaking little fees in here and there to hike up the bill.  Do pay attention to the details!  Are your envelopes included?  Is there a fee to customize a design? Is there a minimum order or fee if you don’t reach that minimum?  Just like with any other purchase, read all the fine print or ask upfront if you have any questions!
So now that you’ve found the invitations you like and have read all the fine print, what’s the next step?  Wording!  Picking out the wording for your invitation set is super simple and your invitation designer can help tremendously with this process.  There are numerous online resources too, should you need to search for yourself!

The typical components of an invitation set are the invitations and response card.  Another popular card is the reception card, which comes in handy if your reception will be at a different venue than the ceremony.  Today I’ll cover wording for your invitation and response card – but if you need additional wording advice please just let me know!

To help decide what kind of wording to use, you’ll need to know:
1.  Who is hosting the event? It could be you as a couple, your parents, your fiancé’s parents or both parents, etc.  I’ve also worked with brides who have stepparents involved as well, so just know there are many options and we can make sure all your VIPs are recognized appropriately!
2.  How traditional is your wedding?  Will it be very traditional or laid back?  Religious or not?  Totally off the wall?

Here are some examples of the most common wordings!  Let me know if I can be of assistance in picking out your wording!

Couple Inviting
You are cordially invited
to the marriage of
Laurie Taylor Smith
and Frank Stephen Courtney
Friday the twenty-ninth of May
Two thousand and nine

Victoria Gardens
1334 South Norfolk Road
Coweta, Oklahoma
Reception to Follow


The pleasure of your company
is requested as
Andrea Christen
Stephen Christian
vow to share their lives
and joyfully unite
in marriage
on the eleventh of April
Two thousand and nine
at six o’clock in the evening

The Acadian Ballroom
1829 NE Alberta Street
Portland, Oregon
Reception to Follow

Bride's Parents Inviting
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tamisiea
invite you to join them
in a celebration of love
as their daughter, Erin Michelle Tamisiea
is united in marriage to Mr. Jonathan Mark Schaeffer
on Sunday the twenty- eighth of September
two thousand and eight
at four o’clock in the afternoon

St. James Lutheran Church
2101 North Freemont Street
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Reception to Follow
at thirty minutes past the six o ’clock hour
Salvator’s Ristorante
525 West Arlington Place

Both Parents Inviting
Together with their parents,
Meghan Barrios
Paul Whittenburg
request the honor of your presence
as they celebrate their new life together
Friday, the twenty-ninth of May
two thousand and nine
at seven o’clock in the evening
Ivory Gardens Wedding Chapel
2101 McKnown Drive
Norman, Oklahoma


Jack and April Mole
and Rudy and Linda Rosales
invite you to share in their happiness
as their families are united
through the marriage of their children
Tammy Rae Mole
and Andrew Michael Rosales
on Saturday, the seventeenth of May
two thousand and eight
at three o’clock in the afternoon

Lansing Central Free Methodist Church
828 North Washington Avenue
Lansing, Michigan  48906
Reception to Follow

Another great tool I use is this website called Verse It.  You basically go through the drop down menus to pick wording that is geared toward your family situation and your event.  It’s pretty helpful!

Lastly, the response card!  Yes, you have a few wording options for this little guy, too.  It can be a big source of important and fun knowledge for you.  The main information you’ll want to include is of course your reply-by-date, which I usually do at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.  The reply-by-date will really revolve around when your food and venue vendors need their total counts in, so be sure to get with them before printing the date!  Also be sure to leave a couple of extra days in there for the late RSVP arrivals ;)

In addition to the reply by date, you’ll also want to be sure to leave space for the guest to fill out their name and whether they plan to attend or not.  If you are not strict on the amount of people coming, leave a line after the “Yes” reply so your guest can write the number total of how many guests plan to attend.  Do not leave this line if you are keeping a strict count, as traditionally the only people invited to your event are the names written on the envelopes (more about envelopes next week!).  If you plan to provide a meal and have different entrees available, you may list this on your response card as well.

Lastly and here’s where it gets fun, ask your guests opinion.  That’s right!  Something like “Play this song and I’ll promise to dance:” or “My favorite candy is…” (for those lovely “Candy Bars” I see so much of).  Asking your guests to get involved before the big day will have them excited because they already feel apart of the wedding.

This wraps up week 2 of my series, “Your Perfect Invitations”.  Hope you’ve enjoyed!!  Please let me know if I can be of assistance in any way – either email me directly at or leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

And do stick around for next Wednesday, we will discuss how to address your envelopes properly and I’ll also have a few Do’s and Don’ts for you!  Type you then! ;)

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