Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wedding wednesday - it's official, i'm planning my wedding!

For those of you who are unaware, back in December 2010 Josh asked if I would marry him.  Of course I said yes but planning seemed to go to the wayside as I had a lot of business stuff going on.  I knew if I tried to force the planning, that I would end up just stressing myself out, so I took notes in my journal as I thought of things, but never really gave planning a go.  WELL, that all changed about two weeks ago.  I'm not sure what happened, but it was like a brick hit me and I was suddenly motivated and flooded with ideas!  And so the journey begins.

My mom has been a trooper and a sound board for all my crazy ideas and I'm so grateful!  We toured the Harwelden Mansion last weekend, and though I adore the old mansion, the history behind it and the fact that you are supporting the Arts & Humanities Council, the space was just too small.  So we kept searching for an old building.

My mom quickly came across the German American Society of Tulsa, conveniently located at 15th and Lewis, and we thought it would be a good place to check out.  It is actually an old Gothic style church, so it has all the really cool stained glass windows and arches.  It's got history and it holds a lot more people (oh yeah, my guest list is at 240 right now!!! Ahh!!) so I said, let's take a peek!

After a visit today, we decided it was the one!  The deposit has been placed and Josh and I's official big day is May 19, 2012.  Whoa.  It's kind of surreal to be planning my own wedding, does anyone planning else feel that way?  It seems like yesterday I was just a small fry and this was not on the agenda what-so-ever.  Ha!  I'm super excited though and am having a lot of fun gathering all my ideas!

I originally thought grilling burgers would be fun and inexpensive, but it would really be a lot of hassle and I'd have to build a team and monitor them to make sure everything was going as planned.  Not something I want to think about on my big day!  I really envision my wedding to be more of a reunion/party with all my family and friends.  So now I'm looking into catering options, such as Zio's and Albert G's.  So many options when it comes to weddings.  But I like to plan so this is just a great outlet for me!!

Of course I plan to do Save the Dates.  And yes I know all my paper goods have to be the best anyone has ever seen, since this is MY (GreenerMe's!) big day.  So I'll give you a sneak peek at the Save the Date idea I have!  I found it through Martha Stewart Weddings, whom I also signed up for their free planning service and it helps with my budgets, has a checklist of when I need to complete things, etc.  Very helpful and I recommend it!!  Anyway, back to the Save the Dates, the formula to make my scratch off cards is all right on this handy link and I am going to make it happen!  How freaking cute is this idea?!  Can't wait to show you my take on these babies.

Today has been a great, progressive day and I'm ecstatic about the future!  2012 is going to be a bright year and it couldn't get here any quicker!  Now I'm off to brainstorm more ideas in my wildest dreams :)  Goodnight lovers!  Until next time...


Thom said...

Yay for Renee (& Josh)!

Stela said...

Your venue looks awesome! Also, I cannot wait to see your save the dates! That is such a cool idea

Briana Shepley said...

Yay! I went to a wedding there a few years ago and that place then became one of my FAVORITE wedding venues! It will be perfect :)

Renee said...

Thank you all! I can't wait! Colors have been picked out - will share in a future post :)

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