Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a change of pace - my henna tattoo

This past weekend I went to the India Festival at the Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The theme of the event was an Indian wedding, aka Utsav, and it was pretty flippin' cool!  There was folk dancing, delicious food, a lot of booths available to learn about the the Indian culture, clothing available, games, came rides, etc.  It was quite enjoyable!  My favorite part was the henna tattoos available.  I totally got one and I could not be more obsessed. 

Here it is about an hour after application:

It took the girl about 5 minutes to complete!  You then leave it on for a least two hours (I left mine on for three) then wash it off and viola, a beautiful piece of artwork.  Here's mine a couple days later:

The tattoo lasts 1-3 weeks. I can tell mine is slowly fading, boo!  I would never get a permanent tattoo on my hand, but I can't stop obsessing over this henna and I think I gotta go permanent on my arm for sure.  In due time... :)


Briana Shepley said...

I LOVE henna tattoos! Aren't they fun??

When i was in India, I got both of my hands and forearms done up...took her two hours but SO worth it! And then when we got married, myself and my bridesmaids had our feet done :) I've actually been thinking about sharing all of that on here recently! Perhaps this is a sign ;)

I was so sad to miss the India Fest! Next year, next year :)

Stela said...

It looks so good! Love your ring btw!

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