Monday, August 29, 2011

Prepping for Indie Emporium

Hi there ladies and gents!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday.  Mine went pretty well, you know work.. Zumba.. bringing the fiance dinners.. All that good stuff :)  I've felt pretty absent the last week or so and I wanted to check in with my beautiful, lovely people!  How are you?

For the past couple of weeks I've had my head down, working hard in preparation for Indie Emporium.  I've mentioned it a few times on the blog, but if you've missed out you can read all about it here.  It is a super cool, indie craft show where everything is handmade!  It's a grand event with make&take tables, demos, live music, hip craft vendors and best of all - a handmade fashion show.  It's all happening September 30th and October 1, 2011.  I do a lot of the graphic work but this year I'm stepping it up and will be setting up a table with all my lovely paper goods and a few new additions, so I hope you'll come by and see me!!

The wedding front is still swell, I started on my wedding blog and ironed out the guest list.  Going to look at the venue with fresh eyes next week to see how it's all coming together!  I do have a very special invitation to debut, but that will have to wait a couple of weeks :)  **Hint: it's an invite for a special tea party for my bridesmaids, mom and grandmother!  I seriously cannot wait to show off this cuteness.

It's probably going to be a quiet month, but I will try my best to get some cool things scheduled for your viewing pleasure.  :)  Thanks for reading! xoxo

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Stela said...

I'm so excited to see you at indie emporium! I probably need to start making some goodies for that.

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