Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wedding wednesday - real wedding, the vanderzee's

I am super excited about today's post.  Mostly because I've been holding onto my excitement for a few months now, waiting for this big day to come!  When Laura emailed me to ask if I could print her invitations, a design she created herself, honestly I have to admit I was a little apprehensive just because it was territory I had yet embarked on.  But being my eager-to-help self, I asked her to send over what she had so I could take a look!  Little did I know I would instantly fall in love!

Her request was for front and back printing for both her invitation and postcard-response card.  I knew I couldn't turn this lovely piece of artwork down the moment I saw it and luckily she accepted my offer to print her unique invitation set.  While I was cranking away at the 300 invite order, I imagined how the ceremony would take place and new it would be filled with special handmade decorations and full of love, laughter and spirituality.  I imagined sweet love birds watching over them as they speak their vows in front of their most loved and cherished friends and family.

It's one thing to imagine and another to see it in real life so I finished up the order as quick as I could, eagerly anticipating the big day. I couldn't wait to see how these invitations tied everything together!  I always love to see how the initial invitation design works with the rest of the event design and I knew this set would be the best first impression possible.  I think I was right ;)

Laura and Brett had a beautiful wedding on August 6th at The Stinchcomb Mansion in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Here's a shot of her ceremony space and special signage.  They also had a lovely drink table with lots of different-sized jugs and what not.  Truly the cutest thing ever! 

Laura's dress was also a delight.  A wonderful mix of florals and tulle with an adorable train.  I swoon!

Here's the happy couple!  I love how Brett's suit ties in the purple of the invitations!  I'm so honored to have the chance to bring Laura's masterpiece to life.  Looking through all their pictures totally warmed my heart.  This sweet and loving couple definitely has many happy years to come.  I wish you the best Mr. and Mrs. Vanderzee!! 

GreenerMe + Vanderzee = Match made in Heaven ;)

I might also add the Laura is quite the photographer as of late!  I can't wait to see where this journey takes her.  Both Brett and Laura are musicians so it's always fun to see an artist take a new step.  Congrats all around!


Jenny Lee said...

Your work just keeps getting better and better Renee!

Renee said...

Thank you so much, Jenny!! You're the sweetest!!

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