Thursday, August 11, 2011

favorite tablescapes

Now that I'm so far along on my wedding planning, I'm excited because I can actually think about the event design.  I'm ready to whip out my bunting and streamers, but this isn't a crafty birthday party - this is my one and only wedding!  So I know I have to do it right.  Martha Stewart Weddings has been a tremendous inspiration.  I could spend days looking through their online idea boards!  There are a lot of cute table-scapes out there and I'm trying to nail down the one that's right for me.  Here's a few of my faves...

I love the ribbon used on this table-scape!  It forms such a cute pattern but I wonder it if would be easily messed up?  It might just be a bit to informal for my vision.

Then there's this guy, which kind of falls in the same category as table-scape number one.  Super cute, simple..  But too informal?  I think so.  Would be perfect for an at home dinner party, which I cannot wait to have after I am a Mrs. Justus! :)

I think we're getting close to my vision with this.  I love, love, love the long-stemmed rose in a long circular glass vase, and this idea is pretty darn close.  Look at the single roses in the votives, how cute!  What about long-stemmed roses in long circular glass vases, a few different heights + the single roses in votives scattered throughout with candles?  That sounds nice!

This table-scape and the one following really portrays the vibe I'm going for.  Silver, greens and glass.  Simple and elegant.  Muy perfecto!

So pretty.  I love the different textures and heights going on with this table.  And the candles are lovely!

Since I am just doing hors'derves though, I wonder if I need a large amount of tables and fancy setups.  Do people expect to sit down at tables for hors'derves or do they walk around and mingle?  I'm thinking maybe a mixture of both?

My ceremony and reception are all in one room, so I need everything to be cohesive.  I was thinking of setting up half ceremony seating on one side and half reception seating w/tables on the other side.  Guests can sit on either side for both of the ceremony and reception.  Does that sound tacky?  Guess I will need to do some more research!!  Thoughts/opinions/suggestions always welcome :)


Stela said...

I love the roses in the circular vase!
Weddings I've been to that just have hors d'oeuvres have had seating, but it's whatever you want to do! It's your wedding!

Emily said...

You can always use some rounds so people can sit (especially the older generations that cannot stand all night) but then use bistros so people have a place to set down their plates and drinks but can mingle easily. One way to get color on your bistros is drape them then use a sash to gather them in - using your colors!!! Hope that helps!

Renee said...

Thank you ladies!

Emily - I love the bistro table idea! I'm going to check into that! Also need to talk to you about an event a girlfriend and I are putting together - The Broadway might be a great place for it! I'll be in touch :)

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