Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wedding wednesday - wedding update

Hello my favorite blog peeps of all the land! Time for a little update on this ‘ol wedding of mine. Still going greatly but can I take a moment say OMG?! I’ve doubled the amount of tasks going on in my life and I don’t know how I’m keeping up, I’m not really, but somehow everything is going well so far.

I’ve started a workout routine with my mom - we’re doing Zumba! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Yes, that’s a lot of Zumba! But yes, it’s really that fun :)  If you’re in the Tulsa area and interested in attending, I absolutely adore my instructor, Christy. She’s totally goofy and makes crazy noises while we’re working out so there’s this level of no-shame going on and we all just get into it!  Highly recommend. Classes are one hour long and the cost is just $5/ea or you can get 8 classes for $28. And yes I tried it on WII and it’s way better live!

Sound fun? Check out the website here, or Facebook page here for all the details!

The reason for being fit...  I bought my dress! I’m excited but I’m trying my best not to be! I ordered it online so it just makes me nervous. I did show it to a tailor and she measured me and said the dress was gorgeous too, just hard when I can’t try it on!! So wish I could show you guys! Just know it’s gorgeous, full of of lace and tulle, long train.. The works! I went with cap sleeves cause let's face it, the girls gotta have some support and strapless dresses just don't work for me!  While visiting the tailor we found out that she was opening a bakery, too. So I got to try some cake samples and let’s just say I fell in love! Cake is great.. I could eat a whole one if I didn’t know better.. Mmm. Now the tailor will do the finishing on my dress AND baking my cake. Easy enough!

Need tailoring, event planning, baking or photography (yes, this tailor does it all!) get in touch with Sheila at 918-313-9204.  Her office is located at 5412-C S Mingo Road in Tulsa.  She is a sweet lady and I constantly hear positive things about her work!!

Also booked the photographer and caterer! I’ve been a busy girl!

We went with Tulsa Pix, love their style and their price so all I had to do was meet them to finalize the deal. They’re a husband and wife duo, which I thought was really cool, too! I have a guy to take pictures of my men and a sweet lady to take pictures of my girls. One is super attentive to details; the other is there to get pictures of the party. I’m very excited to have the different perspectives! I’m also so excited to finally have delightful pictures of Josh and I to hang around the house <3

You can check out Tulsa Pix’s website here, or their blog here.

Next up, the catering. We picked Servers Plus! Kennetha runs Servers Plus and she is actually a family friend, so I am super excited to help her out and have her be apart of our big day! She setup a nice package for us that will include delicious hors d'oeuvres of my choosing. I haven’t made the choosing though, still have to round up my ideas! The package includes 4 servers + bartender that will also assist and mingle with the crowd. I couldn’t be more excited to have a “team” working my big day so I don’t have to worry about it! If you have any food suggestions, I’m all ears!

You can check out Servers Plus’ website here! Or get in touch with me and I’ll give you Kennetha’s number!

Well I think this brings us all up to date on my latest happenings! I’m so excited to get so much done. Now I can focus more on the design of the event, which I know is going to be so much fun :) Guess I should finalize my guest list first though! And make Save the Dates.. Oh boy...

Happy Wedding Wednesday lovers!! <3


Holly said...

You are doing SUCH a great job with all this planning! That's so like you, Renee. You should be a full-on wedding planner because of how organized and on-task you are!

Renee said...

Thank you so much! I really apprecaite it, Holly! I am truly having a great time and if this all goes as I envision, yes I would LOVE to plan weddings for other people! This has been so fun and I know I'm going to miss it when the moment has passed so it seems like a natural fit. Fingers crossed! :)

Stela said...

You should be a wedding planner!! I'm so impressed! You're kinda making me stress though, I still need my dress & photographer! haha, ugh.

Renee said...

Thank youuuuu! Lol no stressies allowed though!! I'm sure you guys have wonderful photographer friends, but I found someone in the Enid area that might work!

I also love looking at Muncy Photography's work on Facebook, but her website doesn't show that she does weddings..

I bought my dress online, which I'm hoping works out! I am 100% confident you will find a gorgeous dress though! Do you know what kind you want?

Katie said...

YEEESSS Zumba is The Best Exercise, my friend's mom is a Zumba enthusiast and she kept cackling while we were dying on the floor. You really are some kind of wedding genie.

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