Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blah Day

Today has been a "blah" kind of day. I'm sleepy and it's all cloudy and chilly outside, which makes me even more sleepy. I've had work to do, so no lounging around just yet! I put off cleaning my studio until tomorrow, blah days don't really give you motivation to clean! Instead I've worked on, and almost completed, my brochure I'll use to promote my wedding invitations here locally. All the pictures and text are plugged in, just a few minor changes to be made before it goes to print. I'm pretty proud of myself! I can't wait to get it out into the Tulsa market. I'm also going to screen print some folders, make some flyer's and samples to include in the kit, then get to calling my prospects.

I put that aside for now so I could make an invite and reply card set I'm working on for a client. Here's a picture of the sample. Pink and green! So cute. Now I need to go get some more laundry going. Yesterday I went to put laundry in (you have to go outside the house and into the garage to get to the washer/dryer, pretty lame) and all of a sudden a wasp was flying in front of my face. Being I have an irrational fear of bugs, I did not get any laundry done yesterday. Today I've equipped myself with wasp spray and am very leery every time I head out. It only makes me stronger, right?

After that I'll reply to my backlogged e-mails and *hopefully* squeeze in a nap with my kitties before I go into work. I might fall asleep at work if I don't!

Enjoy your cloudy Tuesday!

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