Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Relax. Refresh.

Today is rainy again. Josh had to be at work early and I couldn't help but come back home, open all the windows and take nap. More like a 4 hour nap? Hm. I feel so much better though! That feeling of sleeping till you can't sleep anymore is so nice sometimes. Now I feel rested and ready to complete my day as well as the future days!

My pamphlet/brochure is almost ready for it's debute. I had Amby proof read it last night at work. She's an English Major. Do you have friends that are that cool?

Anyway, onto more cool friends. And sleeping, possibly. Stelabird is giving away a FREE owl snuggly. They are so cute. All you have to do is post a comment on her blog. The lucky winner is randomly picked. What do you have to lose?Snuggle Fest!


Amby said...

Aww you're sweet.

Jenny.Lee said...

I sooo want that snuggly! ;)

Estela said...

thanks lovey!!

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