Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hey, an update!

Today is a day of work. Hard work. Then hopefully movie night!

I've been pretty absent as of late and am kind of taking a break from my every day life. I think I'm starting to realize that being cooped up in my room all day might not be the best for me, mentally and physically. Anyone else run into this block? I feel so privileged to be home doing my thing, but if I'm just sitting here thinking about random things all day, it'll eventually make me (more) crazy and we just can't have that! So I've taken sometime to disconnect and regroup. Hanging out with friends, getting out of the house more, and living without my computer. Very nice to do at times and highly recommended for all! Bear with me while I switch things up a bit ;) More to come!

Now, back to work I go, hi-ho, hi-ho.

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