Friday, July 8, 2011

feature friday - hootsuite

Hi friends!  Hope you all are having a wonderful TGIF.  I have a lot of orders going on at the moment, so I’m super stoked for the weekend! I get caught up so much better on the weekends compared to the few hours I put in each night (mind you I have a day job M-F!). At this point I’m looking for anything that can save me some time and I’m sure my fellow business owner friends totally understand! This is why I wanted to use this Feature Friday to tell you a little about HootSuite.

What is HootSuite? It’s a social media management tool that allows you to look at all your social media platforms in one convenient place. I’m currently using it for my Twitter and personal as well as business Facebook pages. My favorite part about HootSuite is that you can schedule your posts. So, for example, I have a giveaway going on right now and want everyone to know about it, but just don’t have the time available to check in every couple of hours to tweet or post on Facebook to keep it current in everyone’s feeds. I found that keeping your content current is vital to keeping the more consistent traffic to your site, so it was really frustrating me when I couldn’t keep up! Now that I have HootSuite I can schedule a few posts to go off throughout the day, which allows me to focus my time on other higher priority tasks – like making cute invitations!

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

I totally recommend HootSuite and invite you to check them out by clicking the graphic above, or you can just click the link here. If you’re looking for ways to use your time more wisely, I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Oh, and it’s free for a basic membership (up to five social media connects). So really, what do you have to lose?!

Are you already using HootSuite? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Briana Shepley said...

Thanks for sharing this! I've seen it around but didn't know much about it! Keeping up with so much social media can be very time consuming so I will definitely check this out :)

Renee said...

I highly recommend it! :)

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